Hermann, Jasmin


Jasmin Hermann was born at Tegernsee/Germany on December 19, 1989. She spent several years in Marbella in Spain and has settled in Munich since 2010. Between 2010 and 2013 she studied Fashion Design at the ESMOD École Supérieure des Arts et Technique de la Mode, Munich & Paris finalizing her studies with a diploma in Stylism and Modelism.

Jasmin Herman wishes to address and touch the viewers of her works emotionally. Thereby the message, which is interwoven in her paintings, is supposed to inspire the audience to reflect on the contents in depth. In a photo-realistic style, the artist treats her topics with a remarkable sense for detail, which she occasionally interrupts by means of abstract elements. She pinpoints social hot spots as well as contemporary social problems. Her own experiences form an integral part of her work. Technically at a very high level and prepared for daring new experiments, she succeeds in giving her ideas the right artistic form in oil and acrylics on canvas. Thus she invites her viewers to rest and reflect intensely on her art.

Until 2015 Jasmin Herman has mainly exhibited her works Europe. LDXArtodrome Gallery is about to introduce this young and promising emerging artist to the international stage.

Exhibitions (Selection): September 2015: Berliner Liste Kunstmesse, Berlin Mai 2015: Art Muc Kunstmesse, München November 2009: Ausstellung in der Galerie Ludmilla Wagner, München 2005 - 2015: Stetige Ausstellung in der Gallery Alejandro Hermann, Marbella
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