Anton, Marina


Marina Anton was born on 25 March 1960 in Wiener Neustadt/ Austria. She studied Business Studies and additionally, she has continuously proceeded to learn and study more about painting in oils and acrylics. Since 2001, she has participated regularly in exhibitions in Austria and abroad.

Marina Anton´s works display the world of plants and trees in an abstract manner. Individual elements such as leaves, branches and roots are only hinted at. Hence the audience is led to make the connections to the flora and fauna more or less intuitively: her viewers will immerse into the lavish greens of the tropical forests and experience each one of them the strongly structured, relief-like surfaces in a unique and profound way. The artist manages to merge our ideas of real, natural branches with her abstract ramifications and structures. Always growing and winding upwards towards the light, the plants move in various ways and thereby seem to be similar to the life of human beings who also lead multifaceted and never straight-forward ways of life.

Marina Anton has exhibited internationally and has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2017.

Exhibitions (Selection): Österreich: ART Innsbruck; mehrmalige Teilnahme an der Kunstmesse Salzburg; Galerie Kass – Innsbruck; Wirtschaftskammer Mödling – Ausstellungen zum Internationalen Frauentag; Bezirkshauptmannschaft Zwettl; Waldviertler Sparkasse Bank AG; mehrmalige Ausstellungen in der Wirtschaftskammer Zwettl/Niederösterreich; Schloss Wolkersdorf. Deutschland: Galerie Böhner – Mannheim; Galerie Kleiner Prinz – Baden-Baden; Graf Zeppelin Haus – Friedrichshafen; Frankfurter Buchmesse; LDXArtodrome Gallery – Berlin. Italien: emotions in motion – Schloss von Ferrara; culture a confronto – Barletta/Apulien; horizons – Villa Medici, Artimino bei Florenz. Spanien: Galeria Sala Barna – Barcelona; Arte Sevilla; Art Domain Gallery – Mallorca. Frankreich: Europäischer Kulturkreis – Colmar; L ´art Germanique à Paris. Amerika: New Century Gallery – New York; Museum of the Americas – Miami/Florida. Japan: Internationales Kunstfestival Ginza – Tokio.