Bendner, Monika


Monika Bendner was born in Berlin. She felt drawn to painting since a very young age and gained first experiences in landscape painting and figurative art. She broadened her artistic competence by attending art classes at private art academies in Munich and became professional in drawing and engraving. Since 2007, she has worked actively in a creative team which uses photographic art and manual, photographic editing, acrylic colours and other visual means for their designs. In 2014, she finished her correspondence studies with a diploma degree in photographic design.

Monika Bendner´s artistic works deal with an investigation into the possibilities of colours and compositons in the main run while she also always combines figurative art with abstract graphic art. Trusting her own creative abilities, she works in an unbiased and impartial way. The results are interesting compositions with an individual fingerprint, which speak of her openness toward experiments, and a good feeling for harmonious colour compositions which are not infrequently influenced by emotions from everyday life. The artist has started her career in painting and later included also etching and drawing, while today she likes to focus on creative photography among others. There she uses the digital editing program manually and successfully connects the possibilities of the new tool to her particular style which she had formed in other media.

Monika Bendner´s works have been exhibited in many countries and she is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery in its international program.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2003 Internationale Große Kunstausstellung GRAZ, KULTURHAUPTSTADT EUROPAS 2003 2003 Ausstellung GALERIE KÖNIGSTEIN / KÖNIGSTEIN / TAUNUS / Frankfurt 2003 Ausstellung Schwalbacher Künstler RATHAUS - SCHWALBACH / TAUNUS / Frankfurt 2003 Internationale Ausstellung, 9.KUNSTAUSSTELLUNG St. ANDREASBERG, HARZ 2003 Ausstellung Kronberger Künstler im SCHLOSS BALLENSTEDT, HARZ 2003 Ausstellung Kronberger Künstler STADTHALLE KRONBERG / Frankfurt 2004 Einzelausstellung, AVENTIS AG, FRANKFURT / MAIN 2004 Fotowettbewerb PETERFRIEDHOF, HISTORISCHES MUSEUM, FRANKFURT / MAIN 2004 Internationale Ausstellung, „EUROPA - GEMALTE VIELFALT“, MUSEUM KRONBERG / Frankfurt 2005 Internationale Kunstausstellung, KUNSTHALLE TERVUREN, BELGIEN 2006 Internationale Kunstausstellung, KUNSTHALLE, BARBIZON, PARIS, FRANCE 2007 Ausstellung Kronberger Künstler, STADTHALLE KRONBERG / Frankfurt 2008 Internationale Kunstausstellung, KUNSTHALLE TERVUREN, BELGIEN 2009 Fotoausstellung Kronberger Fotografen in KRONBERG, REZEPTUR, KUNSTSCHULE / Frankfurt 2011 Einzelausstellung KREATIVE FOTOGRAFIE, VILLA PHILIPPE, KRONBERG /Frankfurt 2011 Internationale Kunstausstellung, KUNSTHALLE TERVUREN, BELGIEN 2012 Ausstellung Kronberger Fotogruppe, MUSEUM KRONBERG Kronberg / Frankfurt 2012 Ausstellung Schwalbacher Künstler DOW DEUTSCHLAND CHEMICALS 2013 Ausstellung Schwalbacher Künstler STAATSKANZLEI WIESBADEN 2013 Jubiläumsausstellung „JubilArte“ in Schwalbach / Frankfurt 2013 Weihnachtsausstellung Kronberg Stadthalle / Kronberg / Frankfurt 2014 Große Themenausstellung, mit Lesung: „Die andere Seite“ von Alfred Kubin, Thema: Die Hölle: Künstlerhaus - Halle für Kunst und Medien in Graz 2014 Internationale Kunstausstellung, Kunsthalle Tervuren, Belgien Gewinnerin, „Internationaler Preis Furament 2014“, Gemeinde Tervuren. Arbeitsart: Kreative Fotografie, Malerei Acryl.
Artprice: Bendner, Monika
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