Bergmann, Gerhard


Gerhard Jakob Bergmann was born in Ingolstadt (Germany) in 1967. Between 1990 and 1992, he studied Graphical Design at the ILS in Hamburg. For another three years, he attended several painting and drawing classes. During his artistic carrier he has used many different techniques and styles, starting with a surrealistic phase. But his large oeuvre also includes figurative and abstract art, material paintings as well as experimental works. Intuition and chance form an integral part during his work process of his rather broad topic, i.e. human existence in all its nuances.

Basically he considers the various techniques as an effective means to represent his ideas and thoughts aesthetically. Thus like many artists of the 21rt century, he reverses the art historical tradition. Until last century this tradtion had relied on the out-dated premise that the ‘Zeitgeist’ would show in a certain technique and certain style in each epoch. Today artists like Gerhard Jakob Bergmann reflect the opposite view: The idea decides over style and not vice versa. His work is diverse and a great movement through all kinds of styles.

Gerhard Jakob Bergmann has exhibited his works mainly in Germany. Since 2018 he has been introduced to the international market by LDXArtodrome Gallery.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2017 Berlin - Teilnahme an der Jahresausstellung „Edition VI“ der LDX Artodrome Gallery 2016 Kamen - ART Kamen (Kunstmesse) 2016 Kempten - artig Kunstpreis, Galerie Kunstreich 2015 Ingolstadt - BBK 'aktuell 15/35' in der Harderbastei 2015 Weilheim - Kunstmesse Weilheim 2014 Ingolstadt – Versteigerung zur Nacht der Museen 2014 Ingolstadt – „Sphärenklänge“ im Augustinum 2013 Ingolstadt – Jahresausstellung des BBK, Harderbastei 2012 Ingolstadt - Kunstmesse 12 2011 Aichach - Teilnahme am 18. Aichacher Kunstpreis 2010 Ingolstadt - art & life (Ferdinand M. Ecker) 2009 Ingolstadt - Gastaussteller bei Art Experiment 2007 Geisenfeld - Kulturtage zum Thema “hell - dunkel” 2006 Eichstätt - 'Mystikwelten' in der Johanniskirche 2006 Ingolstadt - 'Zeit der Auflösung' in den Räumen vom Kunst-Werk e.V. 2005 Ingolstadt - Ausstellung bei come on - Firmenrepräsentanz 2004 Ingolstadt - Ausstellung im Verwaltungsgebäude der Stadtwerke 2002 Rain - 'MEMENTO MORI' Ausstellung (Allerheiligenkapelle) 2000 Ingolstadt - PAX DANUBIANA (Internationales Kunst - und Friedensprojekt)