Block, Jürgen Heinrich


Jürgen Heinrich Block was born at Muelheima.d. Ruhr. He studied fine arts with various teachers and active artists among them Ivent Kitzler, B. Ross (Berlin), Valentin Rusin (UdSSR) und Dr. Qi Yang (China). Thus he received profound knowledge in the fields of oil painting, water colours, graphics as well as printing techniques. He is a friend of the   artist association ARKA on the Zeche Zollverein (cultural world heritage) and member in  the RKB. Today, he lives and works in Muehlheim, often also in his welding studio in the Eiffel, on Rhodes,Sardine or at any place in the world where he finds “his material”:

“His material” includes especially things that the earth produces: stones, sand and natural pigments. For example, in his series “Guardians of the Earth” he uses flat relief- like stone sculptures on painted canvas.Those stone-guardians want to warn mankind to protect the treasures of the earth- they look at the viewers in an intriguing unforgettable manner.

Going back to the natural forms and materials, Block associates his series of “Earth Guardians” with a New Primitivism of the 21rst century.:Turning to the origins of the earth and nature, both in form as well as in its true message, is also his message for today’s public. Block believes that the survival of mankind depends on going back to the roots and that art has an important role to play in this scenario.

It is his plan to implement his “Earth Guradians” world wide which the gallery would like to support.