Doll, Cordelia


Cordelia Doll was born in Merseburg/Germany. After attending several art classes, she was trained at various art academies. Early in her life, she travelled through Austria, Italy and Southern France for developing her artistic skills even further. In 2001, after interrupting her artistic career in order to work as a dental technician and acting manager of a dental laboratory, she decided to completely dedicate her life to art, and since then has lived and worked as freelance artist at Iserlohn.

Cordelia Doll´s work can be divided into three different groups of abstract art.

The theme of the first cycle deals with our human nature, the faculties of our species. After having recognized that we do not always use these capacities in a positive sense, she wishes all the more to strengthen those positive elements in us by creating something beautiful and good. She attaches fanciful reliefs of found objects on canvas in order to express the very fact that human beings form an integral part of the natural cosmos. By ways of dichotomy, she then opposes the natural with the artificial world. Technically this idea is represented by the application of a highly decorative layer of rich ornamental colours above those objets trouvés. The second group of abstract works is dedicated to the playfulness of geometric forms and patterns. Cordelia Doll´s  third series is characterized by figurative allusions embedded in abstract backgrounds.

Prevalent in all her series is her call to the audience to reflect on values, on environmental issues and to emphasize the importance of Beauty as a form of inspirational pleasure much in the way Immanuel Kant has brought this to our attention.

Cordelia Doll can refer to a busy international exhibition schedule and has been represented nationally and internationally by LDX Artodrome Gallery since 2017.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2017 Galerie Kitz Art, Kitzbühel, 2017 Sala Prado, Ateneo de Madrid, Madrid; 2017 LDX Artodrome Gallery, Berlin; 2017 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai; 2017 Galerie Art Nou Mil.lenni, Barcelona; 2017 Stilgalerie, Wien; 2017 A & D Gallery, London; 2016 Art Innsbruck Kunstmesse, Innsbruck; 2016 Galleria de Marchi, Bologna; 2016 Art Space Gallery , New York; 2016 Nominierung Kitz Award Kunstpreis, Kitzbühel