Sibylle Duhm-Arnaudov was born in Besigheim on November 18, 1950. From 1969 onwards, she studied “Free Painting” with Horst Antes at the Art Academy in Karlsruhe and “German Literary History” at the TU Karlsruhe. From 1971 he studied “Stage Design and Art at and on Buildings” with Professors Richter, Rose and Stockhausen at the Stuttgart Art Academy. From 1973 she studied “Art Education” with Professors Groß and Michou and “Painting” with Professor Hägele. In 1976 she graduated with the state exam in “German and Fine Arts”. She worked for many years as a high school teacher and from 2008 as an evaluator for school development in Baden-Württemberg. She has been working as an artist since 1977. Her studio is in Leonberg.

Sibylle Duhm-Arnaudov’s artistic work focuses on two different areas: On the one hand, she is actively involved in joint productions of total works of art, so-called “interventions” in the areas of music, dance, video and literature (cf. KAN 環 Compassion Arts German-Japanese artist community).

On the other hand, she is dedicated to the medium of painting, mainly in acrylic and chalk on canvas. Her pictures are views which go beyond the fathomless vastness of the cultural landscape. Meadows and fields merge our human attachment to the earth with distance of the sky on horizon. Repetitions of delicate units like ears of corn, which melt into almost monochrome fields, visually reflect old questions of philosophy: the question of the individual and the many; the question of the whole, which is more than just the sum of its parts; and the location of man in nature, in which he only seems to survive today if he adapts and makes it docile. Duhm’s additional preoccupation with human spaces in the city – viewed from the outside and the inside – is the logical consequence of her preoccupation with cultivated nature: it also investigates human existence as a ​​tension between nature and culture, mostly without showing people themselves. Man is the mute presence, and he is always present anyway in the form of the interacting viewer.

Since 1977 Sibylle Duhm-Arnaudov has shown her extensive oeuvre in numerous international solo and group exhibitions. The artist has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2019.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2019 Intervention: „Peenemünde Compassion“ Butoh –Tanz – Performance Historisch-Technisches Museum Peenemünde/ Theaterhaus Stuttgart Teilnahme Arte Sindelfingen Teilnahme Künstlermesse BW Suttgart Teilnahme Weihnachtsausstellung LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin 2018 Feld-All Ausstellung Galerie im Augustinunum am Killesberg Stuttgart Altes Rathaus Schöckingen Ausstellung Bilder aus Vorpommern 2017 Ausstellung „Es war als hätt der Himmel…“ Kunsthaus Frölich Stuttgart Ausstellung „Landschaften im Dialog“ mit Peter Lauck Sana Herzchirurgie Stuttgart 2016 Ausstellung "Herrenhäuser Supermärkte" Schloss Stolpe auf Usedom 2015 Ausstellung "Herrenhäuser Supermärkte" Humanistisches Zentrum Stuttgart 2014 Intervention: "Herrenhäuser Supermärkte" Greifswald/Wolgast/Anklam Ausstellung "Grelle Heimat" Malerei Karl-Olga-Krankenhaus Stuttgart 2014 Ausstellung "Bilder" Galerie in der Buchhandlung Aigner, Ludwigsburg 2014 Ausstellung Dokumentation „Kunst im Süden“ Volksbank Stuttgart Intervention „Kunst im Süden“ Böblinger Straße Stuttgart 2005 Multimediaspektakel "Käthchen von Heilbronn" Ditzingen 2003 Ausstellung Malerei Video-Projekt "Wasser begehbar“ Zehntscheuer Möglingen 2002 Intervention: Video-Projekt "Jeder Engel ist schrecklich" Konstanzer Kirche, Ditzingen/ Feuerseekirche, Stuttgart/ Simon und Judas Kirche, Freiberg Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg Hohenheim 1999 Intervention: Video-Projekt "Abschied vom 20. Jahrhundert" Ditzingen 1997 Ausstellung Malerei "Dialog" mit Klaus Bareis, Galerie im Laien, Ditzingen 1996 Video--Projekt "Von der Hast des Verstandes und der langsamen Entwicklung der Gefühle“ nach Peter Härtling und Franz Kafka, Ditzingen 1993 Ausstellung "Von der Unfähigkeit zu fliegen" Malerei, Leonberger Kreiszeitung 1992 Ausstellung "Malerei" Commerzbank Bietigheim 1978 Ausstellung "Malerei und Lyrik" Galerie in der Praxis Steinenbronn 1977 Ausstellung "Malerei/ Transparenzen" Schloss Hochdorf
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