Foetsch, Christine


Christine Foetsch was born in Vienna on March 30, 1957. She studied at the Pädagogische Hochschule Baden and has worked as a teacher since 1977. Since 1986, she has continually expanded her artistic oeuvre and since 2003, has her own artist´s studio at Tullerbach near Vienna.

Christine Foetsch regards her works as snapshots of life. They are so to speak excerpts of dispositions, sensations, experiences and things that one has encountered. She consciously moves the important objects out of the centre to the sides of her works, in order to leave more space for her viewers to think and communicate with the content of the paintings.

The artist uses material that is alienated from its original usage. It stands for the change and movement on all levels of life and through its haptic expression it connects painting and observer in a very special way.  The artist is very skilful in creating tensions between confinement and boundlessness. Thus she succeeds in producing very appealing spaces of thought and emotion which can be explored by the viewers.

Christine Foetsch is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery worldwide.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2002 Aktonsradius Augarten 2003 Galerie 29/ Wien 2004 Atelier Linde Waber/ Zwettl 2005-07 Rosenschloss Felling/Kremstaler Kunstsommer 2007 Management Club Wien Wirtschaftskammer Purkersdorf 2007/2008 Österreichische Bundesforste /Purkersdorf 2011 Grace Galllery/Fort Lauderdale/FL 2012 Galerie der Bezirkshauptmannschaft Klosterneuburg Rudolfsstiftung Wien 2011-2013 Montmartre Purkersdorf 2012 VKK Eichgraben/Galerie Bruckmeier 2012/13 Kunstforum Tullnerbach 2013 Edition Werbach/Stilwerk Wien