Frei, Esti


Esti Frei was born in Deitingen SO/Switzerland on January 22,1950. She first worked as journalist for an important Swiss family magazine before she focused on her studies of Fine Art at the Schule für Gestaltung in Zurich/Switzerland. These were followed by further studies of painting techniques in the Tessin/Italy. Since 1992, she has worked as freelance artist in her own studio at Stallikon/Zurich.

Esti Frei´s works deliberately show a tendency for delicacy, refinement and stillness. Bold gestures and superficial working methods are practically absent in her works. She uses oil colors of a very limited palette in fine layers of colours which she applies in a tactile working method directly with her hands on canvas stretched over panels. The artist explores her ideas on numerous sketches in the A5 format before attempting the actual art works. She scratches lines into the surface of her paintings and thus approaches the content physically. Her works seem to consist of a complex network of relations while always paying attention to her maxim of guiding the viewers into the inner life of her composition. She likes to interrupt the totality of her compositions into segments spread over several panels, thus creating a tension between separation and the unity of an overall harmony.

Esti Frei has mainly exhibited in Europe. LDXArtodrome Gallery has represented her internationally since 2016.

Exhibitions (Selection): Ab 1991 regelmässige Ausstellung in der Galerie für Gegenwartskunst in Bonstetten. Weitere Aus-stellungen in Galerien in Zürich, Solothurn, Wollerau, Baden u.v.m. 2001 Jurierte Ausstellung in Kunstmuseum Solothurn. 2005 Jurierte Ausstellung in Kunstmuseum Olten. 2004/2007 Jurierte Ausstellung Aemtler Kulturwochen, Affoltern am Albis