Frey, Gabriele




Gabriele Frey was born at Stuttgart/ Germany on July 21, 1966. She grew up in the Southern parts of Germany and in Austria. Today, she lives and works as artist at the Lake Constance.

Man in all his multifaceted living conditions has become the main subject matter of Gabriele Frey´s works. The artist´s socio-critical discussions include all kinds of contemporary issues. She tries to penetrate the picture surface and debunk the pure aesthetic appearance. She does so in an uncompromising way looking carefully at things and arousing sensitivity and awareness, for it is the privilege of art to stir up and be profoundly honest and sincere. Questions of the human state, of humanity have also constantly moved the artist. She does not treat them in an analytical way but by opening borders, by taking a look forward into the future. Images that emerge before her “inner eye” serve as her source of inspiration and are formed in virtue of her individual painting methods. Thus challenging and appealing paintings come into existence, which leave the core of their message open to the viewers’ interpretation.

Gabriele Frey has mainly exhibited in central Europe. She is represented by LDXArtdorme Gallery internationally.