Galos, Sylvia


Sylvia Galos was born in Eisenstadt/ Austria on April 5, 1956. She studied between 1974 and 1978 and received a degree from the Hochschule for Applied Arts at Vienna (Masterclass Advertising Art, Prof. Schwarz). Simultaneously (1976-1978), she attended an academic class for commercials and sales. Since 1985, she has worked as advertising graphic designer and a year later founded her own advertising company. Since 2009, she has worked as freelance artist.

When painting, Sylvia Galos looks inside her self and explores the complexity of her personality. She is in search of her own identity while trying to depict a reflection of its uniqueness in form of a unique painting. During the working process, she is in a constant dialogue with herself and her works, between spontaneity and a painstaking search for the right brushstroke and the right colours. Often, the initially figurative depiction becomes unrecognizable in the end. This bears the opportunity for the observers to trace themselves the contents of her paintings, for it gives room for own associations and thought. In most cases, the artist therefore refrains from giving her paintings any titles.

Until 2014, Sylvia Galos has mainly exhibited in the German speaking countries. She is internationally represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2011 Cselley Mühle,/Oslip 2012 Galerie Prünner/Mattersburg cult-art-gallery /Schlaining 2013 Lange Nacht der Museen/Eisenstadt Fallende Mauern und offene Räume/OHO Oberwart 2014 GESUB/Wien Fallende Mauern und offene Räume/ Landesgalerie Burgenland