Graf, Helga


Helga Graf was born in Gmunden/Austria. After school she had intended to study Fine Arts but discarded that thought again and turned into another direction. However, since 2006, she has attended classes at the art academy of Bogdan Pascu and Anton Petz.

Helga Graf focuses on the human being as a subject matter. Besides portraits she is interested in the daily life of human beings, no matter what cultural background they have.  She likes to reflect on them in her artworks the way she has encountered them on her many travels through various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Thereby the artist is not limited to their exterior appearances; she rather likes to understand their intricate relations to their daily routine and other factors, which determine their lives.  In strong, warm colour compositions, she succeeds in transforming this complex undertaking in a very impressive manner.

Helga Graf has mainly exhibited in Europe. LDXArtodrome Gallery represents her internationally.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2016 Shanghai Art Fair 2016 galerie m beck, Homburg /Saar und APART Saarbrücken 2016 Galerie Lebzelterhaus , Vöcklabruck A 2016 Galerie NÖFA, Wels A 2015 K-Hof, Kammerhofmuseen, Gmunden A 2015 Art Innsbruck A 2014 International Art Fair, Rotterdam NL 2012 ArtXpo, Arezzo I 2011 RAG, Wien A 2011 Akzenta Graz A 2011 Galerie Warum.Kunst.Raum, Wels A 2010 Galerie im Stadtturm, Schwanenstadt A 2010 Galerie Maziart, Hamburg D 2009 Galerie Gnaccarini, Bologna I 2009 Chiostro e Limonaia Villa Vogel, Florenz I 2009 Hanseart, Lübeck D 2008 Kunstmesse Salzburg A 2008 Il Teatro delle Luci e del Colore, Venedig I 2008 Galerie 2 Fenster, Augsburg D 2008 Akzenta Graz A
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