Haas, Marianne


Marianne Haas was born in Winterthur/Switzerland on 14 November 1971. By profession, she is not only an artist but also an architectural designer. As artist she has worked in glass since 2010 after acquiring all necessary knowledge in numerous workshops and classes in order to work in that media. Both her own architectural studio as well as her art-and-glass-studio are located at Sirnach/Switzerland.

Marianne Haas works experimentally with the material glass. Image structures and textures which are often inspired by nature also sometimes seem to evolve naturally in the working process. There seem to exist similarities between macro-images of plants or satellite-photographs and her works. However, Marianne Haas produces amorphous relief-like forms which could as well stand just by themselves as abstract art works without any explicit relationship to the visually known world. Being confronted with a strongly limited harmonious palette and interesting structures, the viewers´ s eyes are constantly kept busy. The artist usually puts more than one layer on top of each other and plays with glass fragments. In the case of Marianne Haas´ works it is again true that words fall short of the works themselves: to see them in the original leaves the onlookers speechless and with great enthusiasm. No photograph will be able to reflect the true haptic character and beauty of her works.

Marianne Haas has mainly exhibited in Switzerland and has been represented by LDXArtodromeGallery since 2019.

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