Heck, Petra


Petra Heck was born in Cologne on 18 December 1965. After her Abitur (a-levels), she first took up an apprenticeship, but since 1995, she has intensely studied art. Today she lives and works as freelance artist at Rheinfelden, close to the border to Switzerland.

Even though liveliness is a property which only living entities possess, Petra Heck tries to exactly explore this idea in her art, trying to make the impossible possible so to speak. Passion, emotion, positive energy, a feeling of happiness – all are key to her, because she believes that these concepts provide life with its essential quality. Her compositions therefore sparkle with positive energy which is transferred to the viewers through colour in its total force. Thus her abstract, markedly beautiful paintings are supposed to inspire the viewers and give their vitality the power that is needed to produce the right kind of feelings (swinging) as Kant would perhaps say. Petra Heck works with colours, ink, varnish and pigments. The materials are spread from all sides in a dynamic process on the flat canvas.

Petra Heck is an artist of LDXArtodrome Gallery and has been represented by her internationally since 2018.

Exhibitions (Selection): Exhibitions ( selection): Art Fair Kölner Liste, 2018; Art Luxemburg, 2017; Regio ART Lörrach 2017; Art Endingen, Endingen am Kaiserstuhl 2016; galerie m. beck, Homburg an der Saar, 2016; Galerie MARZIART, Hamburg, 2015.