Hinterleitner, Ulrike-Riggi


Ulrike-Riggi Hinterleitner was born in Judenburg (Austria) on 3 November 1952. Between 1969 and 1973, she studied Decorative Painting and Graphical Design at the HTBLA Graz. Then she worked in the area of media illustration and graphical design for many years. All her paintings reflect the kind of approach she has taken in the arts right from the beginning: reduced, figurative forms, which because of few colour gradations and clear outlines lead the viewers directly to the essence of her paintings. Despite her images being critical towards general culture, they spread a great sense of humour.

Ulrike-Riggi Hinterleitner` s art is based on the interplay of image and text: texts, sometimes only titles, point directly to the contents of her paintings. Thus they limit the possibility of interpreting her paintings and anchor their reading within the scope of our times. Her works have certain features in common with pop-art. Primarily graphical, they are in the great disegno-tradition, which has always been rooted in reason and rationality as the basic principle for representations in art. The easily detectable wit in her paintings evokes a critical view on our society.

Ulrike-Riggi Hinterleitner is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery. Her works find great appreciation from a wide international audience

Exhibitions (Selection): 2008 – "Reality Check" – Gallery Neutor 2009 – "Federvieh & Co" – Gallery Gery (Bürgergasse) 2009/2010 – "Creating Yourself" – Arbeiterkammer Steiermark 2011 – Kunsthalle, Messe Graz