Huber, Sabine


Sabine Huber was born in Nuremberg (Germany) in 1962. Despite successfully completing her studies in electrical engineering (1981-1986) and subsequently working as a graduate engineer and web designer, she now works and lives exclusively as an artist in Oberhaching near Munich. In 2006 she founded the artist group INDIGO. This was followed by studies at the Painting Academy of the Münchner Bildungswerk (2010-2013) and at the Art Academy Kolbermoor (since 2020) with Gabriele Musebrink.

Inspired by the concept called ‚process painting of intuitive power‘ (by G. Musebrink), Sabine Huber starts from precise knowledge of technique and material in order to integrate them into the flow of the working process. The INTONACO technique on metal and the aesthetic effect of floating aluminium plates play a special role in her paintings. She also employs traditional painting techniques in the creative process, working, for example, with classic layerings of oil painting, with warm glues and directly applied pigments. In her case, one could almost say that ‘the path is the goal’, but her abstract, profound, emotional landscapes invite the viewer to use their imagination even without knowledge of the working process. They fascinate and captivate the eye because of numerous pairs of contrasts: light and dark surfaces, shiny and matt stripes, smooth and rough surfaces create a playful tension. Scratches, marks and cracks turn out to be metaphors for life, which does not only have a smooth, untarnished surface.

Sabine Huber has so far exhibited mainly in German-speaking countries and has been represented internationally by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2023.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2022 ARTMUC – MTC LOCATIONS, 2022 Kunstmesse ARTe KONSTANZ im Bodenseeforum/ Konstanz, 2022 K hoch 8 – I N T U I T I O N im PUC/ Puchheim, 2021 Ausstellung in der Galerie TREFFPUNKT KUNST in Ottobrunn, 2021 ARTMUC in München auf der Praterinsel, 2021 K hoch 8 - T O N L O S im Geranienhaus / Schloss Nymphenburg, 2020 ARTMUC re:start, 2020 K hoch 8 - L O S L A S S E N in Dießen am Ammersee, 2020 Einzelausstellung im Rathausfoyer Oberhaching, 2019 THE Hub Opening in München / Schwabing, 2018 MUNICH ART HOUSE Münchens neuestes OFF-KUNST-PROJEKT, 2010 Einzelausstellung im Art FORUM INTERPRES, Bahnhofstraße 11, Deisenhofen: J E T Z T , seit 2007 Jahresausstellungen mit der Künstlergruppe INDIGO