Hutterer, Cornelia


Cornelia Hutterer was born in Gmunden (Austria). In 1986, after successful studies in stage and costume design as well as theatre painting, she graduated with a Master of Arts degree. She worked as a stage and costume designer for several years at various city and state theatres in Austria and Germany. Since 1995 she has devoted herself mainly to painting. Today the artist works in Salzburg. Her studio is located in the historic Münchnerhof.

The artist stands in the tradition of the great gestural-abstract painting that became firmly established at the end of the 20th century. Her style, however, differs from others in many ways. On the one hand, she is not dogmatically addicted to abstraction, but often plays quite deliberately with some figurative inputs. Even if these then appear comparatively tiny in the picture and seem to float in multi-layered, light-flooded, enormous colour spaces, they involuntarily attract the viewer’s main attention. Despite their bombastic wildness, her paintings invite contemplative stillness. Glades and will-o’-the-wisps open up, beings appear and yet are shrouded in a deep mystery. Her paintings seem massive and at the same time airy, for larger colour complexes are repeatedly interspersed with filigree traces, leaving plenty of space for free imagining and letting go of thoughts. Light and shadow sides in her paintings are metaphors for the great mystery of life, which no one can escape.

Cornelia Hutterer has regularly exhibited her works in public since 1999. Her works are in private and public collections such as the Salzburger Sparkasse and the Europark. The portrait of Governor Dr. Wilfrid Haslauer Senior was purchased by the Dr. Wilfrid Haslauer Library. She has already produced several large-format murals for villas and castles, including the Villa Swarovski in Wattens. She has been represented internationally by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 1993.

Exhibitions (Selection): 1999 Galerie Alte Saline in Bad Reichenhall (Einzelausstellung) 2000 Künstlerhaus Salzburg 2002 Schloss Sighardstein (Einzelausstellung 2003 Residenz Salzburg (lange Nacht der Museen) 2004/2005 Künstlerhaus Salzburg (Jahresausstellung) 2005 Galerie Lebzelterhaus Vöcklabruck (Einzelaustellung) 2005/2006 Künstlerhaus Salzburg (Jahresausstellung) 2006 Hipp Halle Gmunden (Einzelausstellung) Galerie Weihergut (Schlussausstellung Seminar Hermann Nitsch) Eröffnung des Galerieateliers Franz-Josefstr. durch Kulturlandesrat Dr. Othmar Raus und Bürgermeister Dr. Heinz Schaden 2006/2007 Künstlerhaus Salzburg (Jahresausstellung) 2008 Rotunde Salzburg AG (Einzelausstellung) 2011 Academie Werbeagentur Salzburg (Einzelausstellung ) 2012 Mozartplatz, Design sitzt : Barocklocke 2013 /14 Jahresausstellung Salzburger Kunstverein 2014 Atelier im Künstlerhaus 2016 Februar - Mai Wandgemälde in Privatvilla Swarovski in Kitzbühl 2019 Katakomben von Erzabtei St. Peter in der Gertraudenkapelle (Einzelausstellung) 2020 Sudhaus Kultur Hallein Initiative Inos:Wunderkammer Malerei (Gruppenausstellung) Jahresausstellung Kunstverein Common Ground 2021 Arbeitsstipendium für zeitgenössische Kunst : Projekttitel: „Was kostet die Welt“ 2022 Ateliereröffnung und Ausstellung im Atrium des Münchnerhofes in Salzburg (Einzelausstellung) 2022 Umzug vom Atelier im Künstlerhaus in den Münchnerhof ( Zusatzzeile) Ateliereröffnung und Ausstellung im Atrium des Münchnerhofes in Salzburg (Einzelausstellung) STUDIENREISEN: in Florenz,Venedig , Barcelona, Paris, Mallorca, USA Arizona (Grand Canyon )