Kaplan, Anette


Dottie, whose real name is Anette Kaplan, was born in Ludwigshafen in 1968. Initially she studied Art History, Architectural History and Philosophy at the University of Karlsruhe, but after a change, graduated in 1997 in Graphic Design at the University of Mainz, Department of Design. After various courses with renowned artists at the Städel Evening School in Frankfurt, she now lives and works as a freelance artist in Frankfurt a.M. As a trained art educator, she is also active in children’s and adult education.

Dottie is interested in the emotional relationship between man and nature. She traces this artistically on two abstract levels:
On the one hand, she experiences herself as a dual nature, in that she, as a natural creature herself, allows natural structures to emerge with painterly means. She thus continues a form of natural production in her artistic work. This creative process and its result could be called “immersive” abstract painting, because as an artist she thus becomes the executive organ of natural creation. The merging of natural and artistic creation is perceived as a harmonious entity in such a way also by the audience and stimulates the imagination as when watching clouds.
In contrast to immersive abstraction, which Immanuel Kant would certainly have enjoyed, her other series explores an imagined, mimetic kind of abstraction. Collected impressions from nature are brought together here and freely reflected as imagined, atmospheric landscapes. As the person viewing, one is allowed to fulla immerge in the painting and its landscape-metaphorical expanses, lakes, and mystically fogged-in tree associations. To all of the images, Dottie ascribes meanings directly related to her own life and to life in general. Her titles are poetic texts to her paintings, acting like a key to offer her viewers the door to metaphorical levels that have their home deep in the emotional-mental realm.

LDXArtodrome Gallery has represented her internationally since 2023.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2022 „Zeitkonserven“ Mitgliederausstellung, Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE, Frankfurt am Main 2022 "Selbstbild" Gemeinschaftsausstellung , Galerie des BBK Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main 2022 "Selbstbild" Soloausstellung im Kreml-Kulturhaus, Hahnstädten 2022 "Catch 22 ", Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Ausstellungsraum EULENGASSE, Frankfurt 2019 "Facetten der Weiblichkeit", Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Galerie des BBK Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main 2016 "94. Weihnachtsmarkt Frankfurter Künstler" des BBK Frankfurt, Paulskirche, Frankfurt am Main 2016 "70 Jahre BBK Frankfurt", Jubiläumsausstellung, Galerie des BBK Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main 2016 "Die Neuen 2015", Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Galerie des BBK Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main