Karpfen, Evamaria


Evamaria Karpfen was born in Vienna/Austria in 1950. She completed her training to become a drafts(wo)man at the Textilfachschule in Vienna. This was also the first time for her to get in touch with artistic techniques and styles. The artistic work itself was so fascinating to her that she decided to study Fine Arts at the Academy for Applied Arts, also in Vienna. In 2002, after concentrating on her career in the graphic area, she turned back to work as an artist again, especially paintings in oils.

Evamaria Karpfen’ art works focus on nature. Her long experiences in the area of graphic design are visible in the way she depicts animals in their natural surroundings. She confers a very realistic character to her animal portraits and uses a restricted number of colors that interact with each other. Thus she manages to create a very special atmosphere in her paintings. Also, in her landscape paintings, the composition of colors leads to special lighting conditions, which spread an idyllic, harmonious and silent atmosphere in her works.

Evamaria Karpfen has especially shown her works in Austria, but LDXArtodrome Gallery will introduce her to a more international public.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2014: Art Canton 2014, China 2014 – 2015: „INTUITION“, Malta 2014 – 2015: “FESTZEIT”, Berlin 2014 – 2015: ArtMeet Gallery, Mailand 2014 ArtBeijing, China; 2013-2014 „Twillight“, Malta; 2013 ArtBeijing, China