Kaufmann, Rolf


Rolf Kaufmann was born on 6th October 1953. He was trained as a weapon engraver and since 1978 has been working both in this profession and as artist.

Rolf Kaufmann focuses on the human being in his many facets of his existence. Hunger for power and arrogance are seen in opposition to sympathy and vulnerability. The artist transforms these oppositions in human nature into art compositions which leave the viewers a broad space for their own thoughts and associations.

„No answers-new questions“ are the motto for a new series called „Symbols of civilization“: He pains(here it should be “paints”) machines made by human beings which seem to devour everything like their creators, but after being used left drearily to decay. In his new series „Nature meets art“again oppositions are contrasted against each other: Birds sit on the debris of old, formerly proud mansions or former artworks. This symbolises and underlines the perishableness of human efforts confronted with nature in a constant creative and aethetic (should be asthetic) process.

Rolf Kaufmann has a long history of showing his works worldwide among others in Italy, Belgium, Holland and the USA. In 1994, he exhibited in China after receiving an invitation for an art exchange from Kunming. With LDXArtodrome Gallery, he is continuing these international exhibitions.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2010 Kunstpreis der Kreissparkasse Esslingen/Nürtingen 2003 50 Jahre Oberschwäbischer Kunstpreis der Jugend, Museum Albstadt, Albstadt 1994 Akademie der bildenden Künste Yunan, Kunming, China 1993 Künstlerhaus Ulm, BBK 1987 Santa Maria delle Croci, Ravenna, Italien Galerie art, Amsterdam 1986 Kunsthaus Tongeren, Belgien 1985 Museumsgesellschaft, Obere Stube, Ulm 1984 “Deutschland - Gastland?”, Kunstverein Filderstadt Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum, München 1982 Institute of Modern Art, San Francisco, USA