Knoll, Elena P.


Elena Knoll was born in Kassel in 1955 and grew up in Italy. She attended an art school in Rome and finished her training with a diploma as a drawing teacher. For a few years, she was teaching at the Italian School at Tunis. In 1994 she returned to Germany and since then, has lived and worked in Germany again.; since 2012, she has dedicated herself fully to drawing and writing.

Knoll´s ink drawings talk of antagonisms and symbiosis, of destruction and hope, of everyday life and of dreams. She gives accounts of the marks which man leaves behind on earth. Her drawings are an expression of a positive attitude towards life. Even if her topics focus on themes such sadness and destruction, the artist is still able to reveal beams of hope. Thus, she manages to always also integrate the beauty which is found in detail while discussing the problematic position of man in nature who can take both roles, i.e. that of the offender and that of the victim, at the same time. Nature can survive without man, man however cannot survive without nature: without animals, plants and clean water.

Elena P. Knoll has mainly exhibited in German speaking countries, but since 2015 LDXArtodrome Gallery has represented her internationally.