Landen, Beate


Beate Landen was born in Ludwigshafen/Germany on 20th Febr. 1952. First she studied biology from which she graduated as doctor and founded the LeukämieHilfe Munich e.V. Later she turned to painting, studied drawing in the USA and took classes among others with Markus Lüpertz and Hermann Nitsch. Beate Landen was awarded the Bundesverdientsorden of the German state. Also, since 2007 until 2013 , she has been president of the artists´ association of the Steiermark/ Austria.

In her works, Beate Landen is trying to reveal the secrets of her paintings only little by little. Glancing swiftly at her paintings is not enough to understand them. It takes some time to discover fully and appreciate what is in the paintings.Landen uses different materials, colour s and pigments on her collages and assemblages that sometimes seem to oppose each other and correspond without words.

Beate Landen has shown her works worldwide and will present a selection of them at art fairs worldwide with LDXArtodrome Gallery.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2013 Art Beijing Taipei Art Fair LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin LDXArtodrome Gallery, Malta 2012 Art Palm Beach/USA Art Beijing SH Contemporary, Shanghai Taipei Art Fair LDXArtodrome Gallery, Malta 2011 LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin Art Beijing Shanghai Art Fair 2010 Graz, Airport Gallery Beijing, CIGE (Chinese International Gallery Exhibition) Beijing, LDX Gallery Contemporary Art Center Graz, Künstlerhaus (Universalmuseum Joanneum) Berlin, Artodrome Gallery Vienna, Domenig-Haus Gallery Shanghai, Shanghai Art Fair Zagreb, Galerija Ulrich Szombathely (Ungarn), Art Gallery of the Gothard Astrophysical Institute 2009 Graz, Künstlerhaus (Universalmuseum Joanneum) Weiz, Kunsthaus Bad Dürkheim, VOGTArt Gallery New York, Artexpo Shanghai, Shanghai Art Fair Beijing, CIGE (Chinese International Gallery Exhibition) Berlin, Artodrome Gallery Szombathely (Ungarn), Public Space Vienna, Public Space Czestochowa (Poland), Zacheta Gallery Konduktorownia 2008 Graz, Künstlerhaus (Universalmuseum Joanneum) Lienz, Rondula Gallery New York, Broadway Gallery Milano, Arts Forum Zürich, Art International Zürich Köflach, Kunsthaus Eisenstadt, Techn. Center 2007 Graz, Künstlerhaus (Universalmuseum Joanneum) Beijing, DIAF Art Beijing Krakow, Gallery of the Austrian General Consulate Bratislava, Arts Forum Washington, Goethe Institute Miami Beach, Art Basel/Art Now 2006 Graz, Künstlerhaus (Universalmuseum Joanneum) Cali (Kolumbien), Biblioteca Dept. Jorge Garcés Borrero Mexico City, Casa de Refugio Barbizon, Europart Paris, UN Neustadt/Wstr., Art Center Herrenhof Bad Dürkheim/Wstr., VOGTArt Gallery Bad Reichenhall, „Feuerhaus“ Gallery 2005 Graz, Künstlerhaus (Universalmuseum Joanneum) 2004 Graz, Künstlerhaus (Universalmuseum Joanneum) Salzburg, Art Fair 2003 Florence, Biennale Salzburg, Art Fair 2002 Innsbruck/Mils, Mils Castle 2001 Landshut, Gallery of the Landshut Visual Arts Association Salzburg, Art Fair
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