Langer, Gunter


Gunter Langer was born in Clausnitz/Germany on January 19, 1950. After his training in the field of electrical engineering, he attended the drawing and painting circles of Rosso Majores at the TU Dresden and studied the drypoint-technique between 1988 and 1994. Afterwards, he attended drawing classes with Prof. Bammes and deepened his knowledge during evening classes at the Art Academy Dresden. Since 2007, he intensely worked on the topic of ‘color in painting’ and ‘nude-painting’. He lives with family in Bannewitz (Saxony) where he also works in his own studio.

Gunter Langer ´s art follows consciously in the footsteps of famous predecessors in the history of art. He feels especially inspired by artists with highly developed technical skills and exceptional inventions. One may notice the influence of Matisse and Egon Schiele in his drawings. His paintings speak a language of their own. His female models are captures in swift and adept line drawings and appear in any pose one might think of- some with an aggressive glance, some inward looking. Gunter Langer studies the body in a very classical way, full of artistic expression and verve.

Gunter Langer is internationally represented by LDXArtdrome Gallery.



Exhibitions (Selection): 2008 Ausstellung Galerie Gerstaecker zum Thema Akt und Porträt 20009 – 2010 Ausstellung in der Kuppelhalle Tharand, Saalfeld und Bad Steben 2011 Ausstellung von Porträts an der TU Dresden 2014 Ausstellung in der Galerie K Dresden 2015 LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin, Artfair Cologne 2016 LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin, Los Angeles Artshow, Art Beijing