Lüke, Claudia


Claudia Lüke was born in Gelsenkirchen (Germany) on 5. October 1962. Besides having studied Biology at the University Essen, she studied Fine Arts at the Folkwang Universität of Fine Arts in Essen. In 1991 she was received a scholarship for Fine Arts from the city of Gelsenirchen. After her first and Second State Examination , she continued private lessons with Prof. Rolf Glasmeier.  She went on several study tours to Sydney (Artist in residence BigCi, Bilpin), New York, Gotland (Westfalenstipendiat), Hungary and Turkey, in order to accomplish her artistic experience.  The quality of her art works assured her of many art awards.

Claudia Lüke developed a thematic orientation from her observations, ideas and the right kind of questions, which she continues exploring in long series of paintings during a whole work process until she can filter out the essentials of a topic. Technically, the artist uses methods of creating variations, reductions and abstractions in order to represent her artistic comment on the corresponding fields of tension in reality. With each image a new painterly comment emerges. One will not be able to find one common  stylistic or technical denominator for all her works. However, the critic Ann Bolsmann once summed up the way Claudia Lüke proceeds by pointing out one certain criteria which creates a synthesis for all her works:

„Claudia Lüke uses her signature in order to transport new ideas, she uses certain elements and ideas like a language if you like: Her very own art language.”

Claudia Lüke`s long artistic career has been accompanied by many international exhibitions. LDXArtdrome Gallery also represents her worldwide.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2017 „Kopfkino“ Kunstpreis der Heise Stiftung, Dessau (G) 2016 “Sydney_New york“ Industrieclub Gelsenkirchen 2015/16 “Jahresschau”, Museum Gelsenkirchen (G ebenso 1990/95/99/2003/07/11) 2015 “exploring Big Ci” Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Sydney, Australien (G) 2014 art shed, Bilpin, Sydney, Australien 2013/14 art zone 789, Peking, China (G) 2013 "In memoriam" Musiktheater im Revier 2012 "marche" Galerie Engel, Luxemburg (G) 2012 „ganze teile“ gocart galery, Visby, Schweden 2012 "RiGalgata", Perugia Italien (G) 2009 „Wandeln“, Galerie werkstatt, Gelsenkirchen 2009 "south bridge", Pézsci galery, Pécs, Ungarn 2008 "fair play- fair life" Dortmund, Essen, Köln (G) 2007 "Imago" Kunstverein Hattingen 2007 "urbandiscovery" Museum Pécs, Ungarn 2006 "Wertanlagen" Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen (G) 2006 "passagen" Köln (G) 2004 "Bild und Objekt" KunStock-Galerie, Hattingen 2000 "Bewegliche Lettern" Städtische Galerie, Remscheid (G) 2000 "Tuchfühlung 2" Langenberg (G) 2000 Incontro dell' arte all' aperto", Perugia, Italien (G) 1999 "the planet art" global galery, Kapstadt, Südafrika (G) 1999 one room galery, Zürich, Schweiz 1999 "metal i chmuri", internationales Symposium, Olztyn, Polen (G) 1998 "touches" Galerie-librairie „ITINERAIRES“, Paris, Frankreich 1998 "rinascimento" Atelier Prof. Rolf Glasmeier 1997 "Berührungen" Kunstverein Schollbrockhaus, Herne 1995 "aufzeichnungen" Galerie werkstatt, Gelsenkirchen 1991 Stipendiatenausstellung Kommunale Galerie