Lutz, Manuela


Manuela Lutz was born on 21 March 1968 in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. After her training in retouching, lithography and commercial graphics, she dedicated herself first to figurative painting, drawing and graphical design. When she decided to focus more on the human body and the nude, she turned to free painting. Her artistic endeavours were guided by classes she took at free art academies in Esslingen, Augsburg und Gerlingen. Since 2016, Manuela Lutz has started exhibiting.

The nudes, which Manuela Lutz mostly paints in acrylics on canvas, resemble delicate, marble- or glass-like shapes. They clearly focus on the silhouette of the body. In the tradition of the disegno, the line emphasizes the movements of thought: in this case an inner discussion on the topic of the nude, the human being and his relationships. Human interrelationships are an expression of socialization and the basics for human culture. Thus, the topic “relationships” becomes part of the self-reflection of art by Manuela Lutz, for only these make art and aesthetics possible at all.

Manuela Lutz has mainly exhibited in Germany. Since 2019, she has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery internationally.

Exhibitions (Selection): - Arte Sindelfingen (2016 – 2019) - Arte Wiesbaden 2019 - Burg Stettenfels, Schloss Ludwigsburg, Wasserschloß Holzgerlingen, Altes Pfandhaus Köln – jeweils Gruppenausstellungen - Galerie Beck / Homburg, Saarbrücken (2019)