Mulawa, Karin


Karin Mulawa was born in Bühl/Baden (Germany) in 1968. She was first trained as ballerina in the Russian style and has worked as freelance dancer since 1987. Later she was trained in scenic painting at the Munich State Opera and worked as scenic painter in the film- and broadcasting industry. Since 2005, she expanded her activities as freelance artist and actively participates in the areas of art and literature.

Karin Mulawa´ s  artistic oeuvre is inspired  by topics around the psyche and religion. By “religion“ the artists understands the dependence or roots of an individual and his or her foundations as well as origins.  She does not refer to “religion” in the sense of a moral institution. Her topics have also found expression in her newest series, which technically evolves as a montage: she turns her own paintings into digital images and embeds these into her own nature photography. Thereby, a mysterious, enigmatic dualism between the ideal as such and the concrete existence of the individual arises which leads into a tension between the natural and artificial world, between the world of sensual being in nature, the images which reflect it and the mental messages of these compositions. This inspires her audience to ask questions, to reflect critically their own point of views and those of society with its growing contraries.

Karin Mulawa has primarily exhibited in Germany but is now also represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery internationally.