Myrttinen, Sanna


Sanna Myrttinen was born on 5th February 1973 in Helsinki/Finnland. In 1991 she passed her International Baccalaureate in Visual Art in Munich, followed by autodidactic studies and private tuition with Swedish artist and art educator Ake Arph from Stockholm/Sweden. Afterwards she received a master´s degree in Fine Art and Art Education-from the Växjö University (now called: Linneus University) in Sweden. Since 2002, she has successfully lived and worked as freelance painter.

Born in Finnland, Sanna Myrttinen has always felt a close relation to nature, which also provides her with the main source of her artistic creativity and inspiration around her topics such as her longings, tranquillity, human foundations and nature itself.  To retreat into a world of tranquillity far off from the ways of urbanization and the claws of the high-tech consumer world has become her path to an active form of meditation, which the artist reflects in her working process. The way she captures this in her paintings keep fascinating her audience: no matter whether one looks at her dreamily blurred landscapes or simplified forms with emphasizing outlines, they all speak a language which bridges Asian thinking and her own cultural heritage. Not least because of this blend of Eastern and Western thought, her artistic expression is impressive, forceful and full of tension.  She considers herself part of the Enigmatic Realism movement.

Sanna Myrttinen is an internationally working artist with many solo and group exhibitions. LDXArtodrome Gallery represents her around the globe.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2017: LA Art Show, Los Angeles, California, USA 2016 Galleria 4-kuus, Helsinki, Finnland 2015 Spectrum Art/Art Miami Miami, FL, USA 2014 Artmuc 2014 München, Germany 2014 Galerie Rechelerhaus Ladis, Tirol, Österreich 2013 Spectrum Art/Art Miami Miami, FL, USA 2013 Galleria 4-kuus Helsinki, Finland 2013 Obacht - Kunst in Bayern München, Germany 2012 Red Dot Miami Miami, FL, USA 2012 Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts Las Vegas, USA 2011 The Gallery Dhaka, Bangladesh 2010 Galerie Kunstbehandlung München, Germany 2009 The Substation Singapore 2008 Galerie Kunstbehandlung München, Germany 2008 Galleria 4-kuus Helsinki, Finland 2007 Eskilstuna Konstmuseum Eskilstuna, Sweden 2006 Suomi Galleri Stockholm, Sweden 2006 Light Gallery London, UK 2006 Gallerie am Storchenturm Berlin, Germany 2005 Galleri Storgatan 31 Västervik, Sweden 2004 Suomi Galleri Stockholm, Sweden 2003 Gallery AG New York, New York, USA