Oecking, Sabine


Sabine Oecking was born in Munich on 22 March 1965. She grew up in an artistic environment and was confronted with paintings at a very early age. After her career as a computer specialist, she completely turned to art and since 2013, she has had her own studio at Dortmund. She continuously broadens her artistic horizon and is a master student (Meisterschülerin) of Professor Adam Jankowski. Sabine Oecking´s art follows the motto “Live a wild and dangerous life!” which means that she visualizes this attitude in a playful, experimental manner through forms and colours. In the past few years, she has adopted yet another topic in her art, i.e. “Happiness”. To give adequate expression to this topic, the artist deploys a particular technique using contemporary materials such as paint spray. Strong vivid colours and clear contrasts produce an abstract form of a joyful, happy language such as, for example, in her cycle “Happiness and life” in which many paintings almost appear to be three dimensional even though they are just painted.

Sabine Oecking has exhibited in many places around the globe and is internationally represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery. 

Exhibitions (Selection): Auswahl der Ausstellungen 2017/2018: ART MUC München Kölner Liste Armory Week NY, USA Kunstmesse Leipzig Gabriel Fine Arts London (Galerie London UK) Arte Casa (Galerie Mallorca, Spanien)