Richter, Hassan J.


Hassan J. Richter was born in Arnstadt/Thüringen on 20th March 1969. After his Abitur, he became a road and traffic technology specialist, but he continuously also worked as a photographer. Since 2007, he has only been working as an artist photographer.

Hass J. Richter strongly considers himself as a documentalist of East German monuments and of the consequences for this region after the turnaround of 1989. He traces its wounds and changes, and lifts the experiences of this local history metaphorically onto a higher level of human handling of successes and crises, ups and downs, values and superficialities of human existence.

Hassan J. Richter focuses on the topic of “decay and decline”. Decay is an image for the questionable way of how our modern society deals with its own history: It gives evidence of the fast- moving nature of today, its brittleness and the suppression processes, i.e. of the human unwillingness to establish and preserve a fair and critical view on history.

The places of decay, which Hassan J. Richter visits, tell stories of men that used to fill them with life, of habits and customs, of happiness and suffering, which used to shape the character of these places before their decline. The character is still vivid in this state of abandonment and shines in a magic glamour of past times. The artist manages to capture these unique moments with his photography and presents them in an artistically high and appealing quality.

Hassan J. Richter has so far exhibited his works first and foremost in Europe, however LDX Artodrome Gallery is proud to present his works also worldwide.