Rock, Cordula


Cordula Rock was born in Munich in 1964. She first studied Law and Ancient Greek at the Ludwig – Maximilians – University of Munich and received her doctorate in Law from the Faculty of Law at the University of Bayreuth in 1998. Since 2004 she began to work intensively with non-representational painting. In the course of her work, she also turned her interest to nude painting. After setting up her own studio in Holzkirchen (Bavaria/Germany), various art studies followed at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich as well as at the Art Academy Wildkogel (Munich). Since 2022, the artist has also worked in her new studio set up in Pietrasanta (Tuscany/Italy).

Cordula Rock’s abstract paintings are created in a mixed technique preferably on canvas as well as various wood painting grounds. She produces her colors, glazes and putties mainly herself. Although the artist is very much inspired by nature, her works are not a representation of the object world. Rather, in her works, the ‘miracle of nature’ can be experienced and felt in the form of cosmic Beauty. They are an aesthetic reference to the enigmatic, an attempt to formulate the indescribable and the inexpressible. Furthermore, the artist deals with philosophical issues and the interpersonal relationship as some of her titles reveal such as “Love”, “Joy” and “Passion”. Finally, Cordula Rock also devotes herself to studying the nude. Her overall artistic guiding principles may be summed up by this statement: “Devotedly and passionately go YOUR WAY, spontaneously allow NEW MOVES…, leave UNCHANGABLE TRACES”. All are manifested throughout her works.

Cordula Rock has presented her works at numerous international exhibitions and fairs. Since 2020 she is an artist – member at Circle Foundation for the ARTS, CFA (based in Lyon/France). Since 2023 she is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2023 ART3F Strasbourg Tokyo Tower Art Fair World Art Dubai INVISIBLE THREADS, International Art Exhibition, Arte Borgo Galleria, Rom, italien 2022 Discovery Cologne art fair Spectrum – Red Dot Miami Einzelausstellung, Galleria Lazzaro, Forte dei Marmi, Toskana, Italien DAYDREAMING GARDEN EXHIBITION, MONAT Gallery, Madrid 2021 International Contemporary Art Fair Luxemburg Artexpo New York ART Innsbruck „ARTE FIRENZE“, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Museo Bellini, Florenz, Italien 2020 Discovery ART Fair Frankfurt Salon International d´ Art de Monaco Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Galerie Kitz Art, Kitzbühel, Österreich Sommerausstellung, Galerie ARTINNOVATION, Innsbruck, Österreich 2019 ART Salzburg Art Shopping – Salon d´Art International Contemporain, Caroussel du Louvre, Paris, Frankreich “MADE IN PARADISE”, Eröffnungsausstellung der Galerie ARTINNOVATION in Berlin, Deutschland Gruppenausstellung in der GALLERIA ARTE BORGO, Rom, Italien 2018 ART Innsbruck ART Salzburg “HARMONIE & ENERGIE DURCH FARBE”, Einzelausstellung, Seeforum, Rottach - Egern am Tegernsee, Deutschland “Tra Regola e Fantasia“, Galleria MERLINO Bottega, Florenz, Italien 2017 ART Salzburg KreARTiv – Messe, Schloss Höhenried am Starnberger See, Deutschland „STRUKTUREN SPRECHEN OHNE WORTE“, Einzelausstellung, Seeforum, Rottach - Egern am Tegernsee, Deutschland „GeZeitenwechsel“, Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Galerie ARTINNOVATION, Innsbruck, Österreich 2016 „NATUR & PHANTASIE“, Einzelausstellung, Seeforum, Rottach - Egern am Tegernsee, Deutschland