Sandmann-Henkel, Katrin


Katrin Sandmann-Henkel was born on 4 March 1961 in Holzminden/Germany. She started her artistic career in 1999. First, she learnt about the various techniques of painting. Since 2009, she has dedicated herself fully to the art of photography exploring a sequence of topics: nature, the genre of “Lost Places” and recently also abstract photography. The latter is a result of including architecture in the cities in a rather fresh and innovative way. Her newest works found recognition in the European architecture-photography price.

Katrin Sandmann-Henkel´s approach is very classical in trying to concentrate more on the act of taking pictures and less on editing them. Sharpening, cutting and reinforcing colours are the only modifications she will carry out afterwards. When using digital photography, a comparatively young art discipline, she prefers to make use of multiple exposure in order to arrive at abstract artistic results. She manages to intertwine lines, structures and color fields in order to produce intended harmonization in some parts or disharmonies in others. The works of her abstract series wonderfully capture the liveliness and buzzy restlessness of the big cities. Her former series “Lost Places” seems to be its quiet counterpart. Tranquility and the dignity of the past speak out of those pictures with great aesthetic serenity. They recall the past but leave the things the way they have been, untouched.

So far, Katrin Sandmann-Henkel has mostly exhibited in the Northern parts of Germany. Since 2018, she has begun to exhibit with LDXArtodrome Gallery on the international art market.