Schmid-Ehrlinger, Christa


Christa Schmid- Ehrlinger was born in Backnang/ Germany on June 9, 1948 and studied at Tübingen, Aix-en-Provence and Munich. She received her training in Fine Arts from Prof. Hans Schlegel( Stuttgart) and has been working as freelance artist since 1996. Major academic impulses aloso came from Prof. Rolf Thiele (formerly at Hochschule der Künste, Bremen, today at Académie Galan, Frankreich) and Gabriele Regiert ( Berlin).

In her work, Christa Schmid- Ehrlinger focuses on the idea of searching or research, i.e. her artistic idea is a way of doing research in the context of relationships and networking. Connected to this kind of “searching” is also a “finding “ which the artist describes as follows: “The material finds the idea- the idea finds the material.” Often, her artistic expression is guided by the possibilities of the material. Thereby she especially likes linen and similar materials with a haptic effect. The thread has become her favourite tool: With threads she draws or prints. Titles such as “crochet- drawing”, tokens or graphical allusions point to this kind of background. Her painting is gestural, in so far as her gestures in form of her body´s movement become an action on the canvas. In this process, both the element of chance and her own ideas of graphical signs intermingle and produce an effect that is already reflected in the early phase of the development of a painting. After the application of the thread which focuses on the line, she expands to the plane and spacial structures which find expression in her object paintings.

Christa Schmid- Ehrlinger has shown her works primarily in Germany. She is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery worldwide.


Exhibitions (Selection): Einzelausstellungen 1998 Esslingen/Neckar, Schwörhaus 2003 Schloß Dätzingen (mit Bildhauer R. Anwander) 2005 Korb i. Remstal, Alte Kelter 2003 Langenargen/Bodensee, Produzentengalerie 2008 Schwäbisch Hall , Haalhalle 2013 HFM Hällisch- Fränkisches Museum, Schwäbisch Hall 2014 Sparkasse Schwäbisch Hall Crailsheim Gruppenausstellungen Seit 2000 regelmäßige Teilnahme an den Jahresausstellungen des VBKW (Verband Bildender Künstler und Künstlerinnen Württemberg e.V.) Seit 2005 regelmäßige Teilnahme an den Jahresausstellungen der GfKH Teilnahme an den Gruppenausstellungen Von WO.02 ( u. a . 2005 Hannover, 2006 Stade, 2006 Essen (Zeche Zollverein) 2008/ 09 Cuxhaven, 2009 Molfsee bei Kiel,2010 Müncheberg,2012 Alfeld (Fagus-Werke) September 2014 Hamburg)