Scholz, Susanne


Susanne Scholz was born in Esslingen, Neckar/Germany on December 27, 1962.  She studied Catholic Theology, Fine Arts and Philosophy at the Päd. Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd and later worked as teacher and lecturer. In 1996, she started to exhibit regularly while deepening her skills and knowledge through continuous studies. She attended master classes with Prof. György Jovanovics (Summer Academy, Salzburg) as well as with Prof. Markus Lüpertz and Matthias Meyer (Art Academy, Bad Reichenhall). Since 2013, she has worked as freelance artist in the ‘Atelierhaus’ at Lauchheim.

Susanne Scholz´ s works deal in the main run with the enigmas and mysterious phenomena in life: she is fascinated by the enigmatic reflection of light on water surfaces and portrays these topics also by exploring the relationship between nature and the human being and persons reflecting themselves. Through this form of Enigmatic Realism, the viewers are enabled to access the spiritual contents of her works. Longtime studies of nature precede the artistic transformation.  By putting layer on layer Susanne Scholz technically reproduces, for instance, the playfulness of light. Her figures, colors and patterns move into the direction of abstract art – hence, they become a kind of mysterious abstraction which has a firm place in reality. Between clarity and mysterious abstractions lie those enigmatic worlds, which reflect the specific and unique fingerprint of the artist.

Susanne Scholz´s list of exhibitions is very long and extensive. LDXArtodrome Gallery represents her internationally.

Exhibitions (Selection): Ellwangen, VR Bank, Rathaus Lauchheim Landratsamt Schwäbisch Gmünd, Rathaus Winterbach, Stadthalle Aalen, Aalener Immo, Rathaus Fichtenau, Rieser Kulturtage Kloster Kirchheim Grundschule Bopfingen Basilika Ellwangen St. Fidelis Stuttgart Sankt Peter und Paul Lauchheim Heilig-Kreuz-Münster Schwäbisch Gmünd Schloss Heubach St. Briccius Rottenburg- Wurmlingen Rathausgalerie Aalen Atelier Rudolf Kurz St. Mauritius Westhausen Palastgalerie Berlin Gemeindezentrum der Kath. Kirche Poltringen Schloss Ziethen, Kemmen St. Elisabeth Aalen Gemeinschaftsausstellungen Sommerakademie Salzburg Galerie Atrium, Aalen – Ebnat Palais Adelmann Kunstaktionen wie „Schwing die Hufe“ und „Von Herz zu Herz“, Stadt Ellwangen Galerie Feuerhaus Bad Reichenhall Kunstmessen in Salzburg Galerie Ewald Schrade, Schloss Mochental With-Space- Gallery Peking, Bezirk 798 Badisches Kunstforum Freiburg ART Winterbach Palastgalerie Berlin: „Die Spiele des Freundes Hein“, „Schickelgrubers Krampf“, „Bye, bye Barbie“, Rieser Kulturtage, Schranne Nördlingen Schloss Ziethen, Kemmen LDX Artodrome Gallery Malta ART FAIR Shanghai
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