Seeber, Jacqueline


Jacqueline Seeber was born at Zugersee/ Switzerland in 1960. She grew up in Holland and Austria. Already early in her life, she was enchanted by the art of the great Flemish masters, who became the most important source of inspiration for her.

Jacqueline Seeber focuses on especially peaceful landscapes, i.e. interesting extracts of landscape such as hollow ways, inward perspectives, the idea of which grow over a long period of time in the artist before she decides how to produce them on canvas. Thus her paintings can be called “emotional “, as she hatches her ideas like an egg before she decides to give birth to them in an artistic manner.

Her style is very calm and graceful. Her figure paintings elegantly combine pensiveness and feeling.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2014 Paris/Palace de Louvre/Art Shopping 2014 Innsbruck /Congress/Austria 2014 Milano/GaleriaFalzone/ Italy 2014 Art San Diego /Kalifornien 2014 LDX ArtodromeGaliery Berlin/D 2014 Art HamtonsBridgehamton New York USA 2014 Kunst und KulturtiausTegemsee 2014 Innsbnjck-Seehof-Hungerburg LAMOUR DE LA NATURE /Soloexhibition 2013 Oberösterreich - Vemissage und Ausstellung zum Vl.Intemationalen Malerfest Burg Reichenstein 2013 Innsbruck - Benefiz-Event /Hofburg Innsbruck 2013 Luxemburg - Vemissage und Ausstellung in der Galerie d" Art Maggy Stein / ChateauxBettenbourg im Rahmen des Kulturaustausches Innsbruck-Luxemburg 2013 Innsbrurck - ART Internat. Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst 2012Innsbruck - Ausstellung und Präsentation Galeriekatalog Kass/ Battaglia 2012 Innsbruck - ART Intemat.Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst 2011 Verona - Vemissage und Ausstellung in San Giorgetto/Verona im Rahmen des Kulturaustausches Innsboick- Verona 2011 Innsruck - Hofburg Benefiz-Ausstellung Lions Club Tirol 2011Graz - Ausstellung AKZENTA-GR/\ , Forum für bildende und angewandte Kunst 2011 Innsbruck - ART Intemat.Messe für zeitgenössische Kunst