Wagner, Jürgen


Jürgen Wagner was born in Vienna/Austria in 1964. Prof. Josef Maria Svoboda guided his training in Conservation and Restoration-studies of paintings. After leading a restoration company for ten years at Stift Göttweig, he was trained in painting, again with Josef Maria Svoboda, from 1996 until 2000. Since 2001, he has become a member of the Mödlinger Artist Association (Austria).

As a painter of the information age, Jürgen Wagner understands himself as embedded in the context of the digital revolution.  His art is therefore based on those small units which form the basis of what we see when we look at screens: He plays with the small rectangular pixels, not only to bring to our attention those fundamental constituents of digital photography and the screens of the PC and the TV, but also in order to make us admire and wonder about the human ability of seeing. One cannot help starting pondering about our times too.

He paints enlarged pixels – among others in his series called „pixit!“ and “interferences” – in analogy to pixelated images on TV screens.  Depending on the distance, the viewers see his paintings always in a different way: From very close, they see just colourful squares, from far away complete images with figurative contents. This effect of drawing together all squares to one whole image can also be easily carried out  using the camera-function of smartphones. By inventing completely new kinds of image spaces,  he makes a great contribution to the contemporary discussion of seeing and Aesthetics in the digital world.

LDXArtodrome Gallery is proud to represent Jürgen Wagner as an artist in her international program.

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