Weyeneth, Beat “Nethy”


“nethy” – the artist`s name of Beat Weyeneth – was born on 18 August 1949 in Biel / Switzerland. After his training as a draftsman for building constructions he studied architecture. This was followed by various activities in this and other fields. After training as a press photographer in 1981, he also began his career as a sports-journalist, leading in 2011 to honorary membership in the Association of Swiss Sports Journalists. Since 2011 he has been taught in various techniques of fine art with Dr. Silvia Araújo. From 2013 to 2015, he studied art at the HAF Academy in Hamburg and graduated from it with a diploma. He lives and works as an artist in Lyss / Switzerland.

 “nethy’s” works – predominantly they are held in strong acrylic colors on canvas – can be divided into two different branches. On the one hand, he deals with abstract painting, on the other hand, he is dedicated to the depiction of possible types of women. The type which is wrapped in mystery and sublimity recalls anachronistically the Grande Dame of the Belle Epoque. By contrast, he identifies the modern, self-confident and extrovert type with Marylin Monroe. The sensual woman-type who is aware of her body’s attractiveness is portrayed with stylistic resemblance to pop art. Often he also makes use of photographic representations of fashion design. His overall theme which he keeps in the background for all his painting is the human hunger for love, which the artist himself calls the “most powerful force of life”.

“nethy” has already shown his works in various exhibitions in Europe, the USA and Asia and has been represented by the LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2019 internationally.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2017 • Basel/CH, Art Center, Intern. Kunstausstellung • Zürich/CH, Galerie am Lindenhof • Freiburg i.B. /D, Intern. Kunstsalon • Mantova/I, International Biennal of Contemporary Art 2018 • Venedig/I, Internationale Biennale della Nazioni • London/GB, A&D Gallery • Barcelona/E, Galerie Art Nou mi-lenni • Florida/USA, Art Miami 2019 • Innsbruck/A, Arte Innsbruck • Paris/F, Carrusel du Louvre, Salon d’Art International • Rom/I, Arte Borgo Gallery • New York/USA, Art-Expo • Amsterdam/NL, ADAF Kunstmesse • Hong Kong, Shenzhen-Messe