Wörster, Rüdiger


Rüdiger Wörster was born on 25th July 1949 in Siegen. He studied Mathematics and worked in the Computer Industry for many years. Besides, he has always worked as an artist, studied the basic techniques and developed a style of his own. Since 2009, he has been working as a freelance artist.

“Nature” has become the starting point of the artist’s works. Studying its methods, technical miracles and systems, Woerster applies these to his art, similarly to what is nowadays called “bionics”. Thematically, there is always an underlying critical point of view in his work, i.e. he sometimes criticizes the way human beings injure nature instead of living with it in harmony.

In his monochrome studies, Rüdiger Wörster reduces the floral features to its forms and structures. That is to say that by using only black and white colours, the emphasis is put on nature as a being a structural model for investigation. This effect is enhanced, especially when he draws with white colour on a black background.

Models are created because they intend to broaden our understanding of the world and to make predictions. The artist Rüdiger Wörster also draws models that are linked to models found in nature in order to track down reality. The artist believes that our knowledge and understanding of nature is insufficient to grasp all the consequences of an action or an experiment that human beings have started. Thus the artist feels obliged to stress the fact that nature will always keep its secrets despite all human efforts to conquer them.

Rüdiger Wörster has mainly exhibited his works in Germany. He is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery worldwide.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2017 Art Beijing, LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin 2016 LDXArtodrome Berlin, Art Beijing, LDXArtodrome Gallery Malta, Shanghai Artfair2015 China Kunstmesse Beijing/ Lifestyle-Messe Shanghai/ Deutschland LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin 2014 China Kunstmesse Beijing/ USA Kunstmesse Hamptons 2013 China Kunstmesse Beijing/ Taiwan Kunstmesse Taipei 2012 China Kunstmesse Beijing/ Deutschland LDXArtodrome Gallery Berlin