Wolny, Birgitt


Birgitt Wolny was born in Munich (Germany) on 9 May 1956. She grew up in a family of artists. After studying Graphical Design, Illustration and Painting  with Prof. Hans Seeger at the Freien Kunstwerkstatt München, she received her degree as “Dipl.-Graphik-Designer/ Illustrator (FKM)”. Since 1999 she has worked as freelance artist and illustrator. In 2003, she finalized her course on “Caricature and comic –Drawing” She lives and works at Priel near Munich.

One focus of Birgitt Wolny´s artistic work is on “mirror worlds” and “Bizzareal Worlds” (German: Skurreale Welten), which unite reality and phantasy. “Mirror Worlds” reflect on various topics such as ‘permanence and perishability’, ‘moment and lastingness’, ‘seeming and reality’. Borders between realistic and abstract art become blurred: for instance, she often deliberately inserts small realistic elements into abstract backgrounds in order to achieve this overall effect. “Bizzareal Worls” belong to a form of Fantastic Realism. It is through fantastic inventions of the imagination that new absurd realities evolve from the surface of her meticulously painted compositions: bizarre and real, that is “bizzareal”. Her works are exciting for their realistic portrayal of unreal worlds, often illustrations of puns which play with contrasting and ironic elements.

Her other focus is on a fantastic flower-series and landscapes. All her series are characterized by an extremely elaborate technique. The perfection she aims at depicting those subject matters is supported by the use of magnifiers during the work process.

Birgitt Wolny can refer to a substantial list of international exhibitions and is represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery.

Exhibitions (Selection): Einzelausstellungen (Germany): 2004 Forum in der Borstei, München; 2005 Schloßpavillon Kallmann-Museum Ismaning bei Mün-chen; 2005 Valentinmusäum, München; 2005 Galerie am Sparkassenplatz, Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm; 2007 Kultur in Maria Hilf, Geretsried; 2007 Bürgerforum Unterschleißheim; 2007 Gut Häusern; 2008 Künstlervereinigung Dachau; 2008 Sozialreferat der Stadt München; 2008 Altomünster Gruppenausstellungen: 2005/06/07 KunstPavillon, München; 2005 Netzwerk Donau, Schloß Wertingen; 2005-2008 Haus der Kunst, München; 2006/07 Oasis Gallery, Seattle, USA; 2008 Kunstverein Markt Indersdorf; 2008 Furament, Tervuren, Belgien; 2008 Galerie der Künstler, München; 2008-2015 Künstlervereinigung Dachau; 2009 Kapuzinerstadl Deggendorf; 2009 Galerie „Kunsthaus Hitzler“, Pfaffenhofen/Ilm; 2011 Ägyptisches Museum, München; 2014 Kunstrefugium München; 2015 Comune di Arcore, Expo, Mailand, Italien; 2015 Schloß Jetzendorf; 2016 Lessedra, Sofia, Bulgarien