Frank, Thorsten


Thorsten Frank ( artist name ToRos) was born in Frankfurt/ Main /Germany on 15 Nov. 1971. First he was trained as an offset printer, before in the year 1996 he commenced his studies as Communication Designer at the Frankfurt Academy of Communication Design. In 2000 he graduated with a diploma as Art Designer.

ToRos has specialized in the so called „Pan-Art“. Pan- Art is a free form of art that wants to activate the senses in human beings as a whole through a special usage of form and colour. The results are paintings that because of their numerous colour layers and natural structures make the viewers respond through their own natural powers of association.

Within this school of art, ToRos has developed a new style called PanResina. The artist uses various kinds of resins and other substances to gain a deepening effect of the colour layers. They make the viewers remain and get emotionally involved in the paintings.

Thorsten Frank showed his works in Europe, China and in 2009, he will exhibit at New York( Artexpo) for the first time with Galerie Artodrome.

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