Gleser, Sabine


Sabine Gleser was born in Saarbrücken in 1965. From 1996 to 1999, the artist studied ceramics with Patricia Hernández at the University Autónoma, La Paz, in México. Working with clay, she also learned special firing techniques such as raku, barrel firing, pit firing and field and capsule firing. Her outstanding works have been honored with international awards.

Gleser’s sculptures can be divided into three different types of metamorphosis, which take place in different dimensions or spaces of reality, but are nevertheless metaphysically and contextually connected. These metamorphoses stand for transformations in geometric space, physical-material space and in a more spiritually understood view on life. When the artist transforms the material clay into linear, geometric forms such as spirals or linear bands, she makes the viewer aware of the fascinating space of hidden geometric connections. Geometry is present in nature, but is often overlooked. In a second group, clay becomes a mirror of the material-physical world: the metamorphosis of clay into a cactus shape or the metamorphosis of the living into an object reduced to its form takes place here as a double metamorphosis. In a third category, the artist creates objects that abstractly reflect the interplay of natural forces and life as such: Among other things, one discovers harmonious-looking circles that are interrupted by cracks or rectangular plates that are loosened up by drops, as in the play of rain, or criss-crossed with wave-like furrows.
Gleser’s work combines the symbolic power of the geometric, the material and the living in an aesthetic form.
The special firing methods lend the hollow, hand-built sculptures a unique feel and look. Fire, water and air influence the new creations and penetrate them, making them part of nature and human art at the same time.

Sabine Gleser has regularly taken part in international exhibitions since 1999. She has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2024.

Austellungen (Auswahl): Oktober 23 ARTe Kunstsalon, Burg Stettenfels Oktober 23 Arte Arbon International, Schweiz September 23 ARTe Wiesbaden September 23 Kunstpreisausstellung „Grenzgänge“, Galerie Beck, Homburg/Saar; Nominierung mit dem Werk „Grenzenlos“ August 23 „Kunst am Seehafen“, Konstanz März 23 Mitgliederausstellung Kunst International Stuttgart, Burg Stettenfels Oktober 22 ARTe Kunstsalon, Burg Stettenfels September22 ARTe Wiesbaden August 22 Kunstpreisausstellung Kunst International Stuttgart, Schloss Schwetzingen; Kunstpreisträgerin dreidimensionale Arbeiten mit dem Werk „Korallenbleiche“zum Thema Metamorphosen Mai 22 Art Expo Biennale Venedig, Virtual Reality April 22 „Art in Transition“, Gemeinschaftsausstellung Galerie Kunstquartier, Leonberg März 2022 Einzelausstellung „Metamorphosen“, Galerie am Laien, Ditzingen Jan./Febr. 2022 „Die Neuen“, Galerie Kunstquartier Leonberg Nov./Dez. 2022 „Merry Christmas“, Galerie Kunstquartier, Leonberg Oktober 2021 „Herbstsichten“ Im Kunstverein Obere Nahe, Gastausstellung Juli 2021 „Spiegelungen“, Gemeinschaftsausstellung mit Kunst Stuttgart International, Schloss Schwetzingen