Muth-Wendler, Christina


Christina Muth-Wendler was born in 1983 in Yemchelinsk, Russia. After completing her professional training in the field of business, education and theology, she worked as a teacher for ten years. Today she is is mainly devoted to painting and lives and works as a freelance artist in Bielefeld.

Technically or stylistically, her abstract, strongly haptic works are influenced by Expressionism and Fauvism, among others, but thematically she takes her own themes as her starting point. Most of her paintings are metaphysically and religiously motivated, while others could be understood as a meditative, abstract pictorial counterpart to earth-shattering phenomena such as the Basic Law. What all the pictures have in common is their enigmatic, mysterious quality. They are each an expression of the fact that there is “even more than we can grasp with our senses”.

Christina Muth-Wendler has been presenting her works to the public since 2020. She has been represented internationally by the LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2024.