Schütz, Elke


Elke Schütz was born in Upper Franconia (Germany) in 1960. After completing her Abitur in design, she finished her apprenticeship in pottery/ceramics. In 1991 she became a master student and received a diploma for sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. After her postgraduate studies in Art Therapy (2002), she has also worked as an art therapist. Her artistic development during a working stay in Pietrasanta, the centre of marble in Italy, as well as projects in the aerospace sector and her experience in the field of art therapy were important markers in her career as an artist. Today she lives and works in Upper Franconia.

The artist is mainly active as a painter. Her large-format abstractions are inspired by nature. They often resemble vast landscapes. They literally draw the viewer in. Colour is applied in broad horizontal areas and lines. The resulting horizons are a magical expression of freedom and infinity. At times, the artist also integrates figurative-symbolic elements. As a sculptor, she works with various materials such as marble, clay and wood. Here, too, she creates works with abstract and figurative elements.

Elke Schütz can look back on many years of exhibiting at special locations such as the Airbus Finkenwerda aircraft hangar in Hamburg. She has been represented by LDXArtodrome Gallery since 2024.

Exhibitions (Selection): 1988 Wacker Chemie „Kunst und Chemie“ im Dialog-Haus der Kunst in München 1989 Kunst im Auditorium für Strahlen- und Umweltforschung in München 1989 Teilnahme am Bildhauersymposium Laas, Südtirol Marmorskulpturen 1990 Wanderausstellung BMW „Kunstwerke in der Automobilindustrie in München, Ontario, Tokyo, Sydney 1990 Teilnahme am 5.Symposium der Karl-Ludwig-Schweißfurth-Stiftung in Sonnenhausen / Glonn - Ausstellung 1990 Luft- und Raumfahrt in der Flugzeugwerft Airbus, Finkenwerda Hamburg 1991 Visionen – Weltluftfahrtschau Paris, Le Bourget und Airbus Toulouse 1992 „Luft und Raum“ Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft 1994 „Gioa Lazzerini“ Skulpturen Ausstellung in der Kirche in Pietrasanta, Italien 1995 Kreibig Museum in München 1998 „Produkt und Produktion“ 3.Preis Künstlerwettbewerb Firma Hoerbiger Schongau. 2000 Baufirma Häussler GmbH in Stuttgart 2002 „Trauma und Kreativität“ Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät in Salzburg 2004 Jahresausstellung für Mitglieder Berufsverband Bildender Künstler in München 2005-2009 Atelierausstellung „Domagktage“, Domagk-Ateliers München 2014 „Kunst in Sendling“ Atelierausstellung in München 2023 Kunstmesse ARTMUC in München