Brachmann, Anja


Anja Brachmann was born in 1982 in Teterow (former DGR). She completed art studies at the CDF Institute Greifswald from 2001 to 2009. Since then she has been a freelance artist and lives and works in Hohen Demzin (Germany).

Whatever materials the artist Anja Brachmann chooses – charcoal, chalk or acrylic – her casual, rhythmic drawing and brush strokes fill casually large and small formats on canvas or paper. At times, she could be mistaken for a German representative of American Realism, her melancholy, tranquil scenes being somewhat reminiscent of the art of Edward Hopper (1882-1967). Her interest, however, is first and foremost not in people, but in the space that is or has been abandoned, where people have been or will be active, which is full of stories and awaits new ones. Anja Brachmann picks out of the time travel of places those moments in which only the artistic eye enjoys the privilege of observing and capturing. She freezes what will be moving and full of movement again in the next moment: Train stations, bizarre landscapes, paths and street canyons. Like Max Beckmann (1884-1950), she prefers the heavy black of gestural lines, but works with a much more restricted color palette and always orients herself to natural plays of light and shadow, whereby the space retains its three-dimensional effect. The expression of her deeply emotional, tension-filled paintings can thus be understood as a continuation and symbiosis of important, realistic painting styles of the 20th century, as a kind of “Transatlantic Realism”.

Anja Brachmann is a member of the Künstlerbund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Her numerous exhibitions and international plein-airs have been widely discussed in the media. Since 2023 the artist is represented internationally by LDXArtodrome Gallery.

Exhibitions (Selection): 2005 Stationen Deutsche Bahn AG, Hannover (Einzelausstellung) 2006 unterwegs Landesamt Umwelt u. Geologie, Rostock 2006 Insomnale Pommersches Landesmuseum Greifswald 2007 CDF Institut Greifswald (Einzelausstellung) 2009 Kunsthalle Lelkendorf 2010 Kunsthalle Wassermühle Ziddorf 2011 Kunst offen Galerie Duwentester, Görzhausen 2012 Von Wegen Klosteranlage Dargun 2013 Landstrich Petrikirche, Rostock 2014 Perspektiven Galerie Polly Faber, Greifswald (Einzelausstellung) 2014 -2018 Kunstschauen des Künstlerbundes MV, Rügen, Neubrandenburg und Schwerin 2015 Revue Theater im Stadthafen, Rostock (Einzelausstellung) 2015 Blickwinkel Portola, Rostock (Einzelausstellung) 2017 Kunst- und Kulturverein Stadt Wernigerode (Einzelausstellung) 2017 Freiräume Haus des Gastes, Waren (Einzelausstellung) 2018 Weltmusikschule C. Orff, Rostock (Einzelausstellung) 2020 Galerie Auriga, Rostock 2020/21 Empty places Quartier 206 Friedrichstraße, Berlin (Einzelausstellung) 2021 Werkschau im Ministerium der Landesvertretung MV, Berlin (Einzelausstellung) 2021 Stroke Art, Praterinsel München 2022 Galerie Schwarz, Greifswald 2022 K17 Projektraum der Kunsthalle Rostock (Einzelausstellung) 2022 Views of a journey, Galerie Ronda, Barcelona (Einzelausstellung)